Hot Fork Buffet

Please choose two main course and one vegetarian dish and two dessert dishes.

This menu is served from chaufing dishes from a buffet table .


Spanish style chicken (breast of chicken cooked with tomato, onion, peppers & smoked sausage)

Baked pork, apple meatballs in a cider sauce

Beef served in a Guinness & Stilton sauce

Red or Green Thai Chicken Curry served with naan bread and chutney

Lamb and apricot casserole


Pasta shells baked with mushroom & spinach served in a three cheese sauce

Ratatouille & goats cheese in filo pastry served with a tomato coulis

Vegetable and chick pea curry served with Naan bread

All the above dishes are served with savoury rice, hot new potatoes,French bread and a bowl of mixed Italian salad with dressing


Fresh fruit pavlova

Lemon and Raspberry cheesecake

Chocolate and black cherry roulade

French lemon tart served on a raspberry coulis

Continental cheese board served with biscuits, gapes & celery